Creating contemporary spaces

17 July 2015

Creating contemporary spaces

Introducing a contemporary style to a period property can be daunting. The stunning nooks and corners that make the space so enchanting can be hard to decorate. There is the question of how to make the most of the turn in those beautiful Victorian stairs or that gracefully high Georgian ceiling. At Lime have a few tips for adding contemporary style that compliments period spaces.

Nooks and Chimney breasts- For slim, tall alcoves and recesses created by period architecture you can either fill or divide them. Filling them is a popular choice and a modern but slim bookcase such as the Porada Fancy is perfect. This accentuates the shape of the recess and creates storage that does not dominate floor space. Dividing a recess introduces two items into the space. A slim table or console, such as the Porada Ziggy or the Cattelan Italia Westin fills the lower half whilst a wall piece like the Cattelan Italia Drop hangs above. Dividing the space like this gives a cleaner, more minimal look and often draws attention to the wall hanging piece (a great place for Artwork).

Narrow living rooms and long corridors- A narrow living room can be tricky to accommodate a coffee table, but side tables are a contemporary way to create surfaces they use less space and are not so dominant a presence. Bontempi Casa have a collection of fun, stylish side tables that will create a lighter and more modern space. The long corridor has continuously been the home of the console table and whilst this does look stunning, you can add other pieces to divide and decorate. The Coat stand does not have to be traditional, the Cattelan Italia Oscar and the Porada Flamingo are striking, sculpted stands in Wood that are remarkably eye catching contemporary pieces. The Porada Flamingo also comes in a Planter version which is very effective alongside entrances or full height windows.

High Ceilings- These are ideal for contemporary decor. Large floor lamps such as the Contardi Oops and the Calligaris Cygnus compliment high ceilings well and with ceiling lights you can use bolder, larger designs. Full wall bookcases and wall systems will not look out of place in a period home with high ceilings. Pieces like the Cattelan Airport or the Wally bookcase will look modern without taking away the original style of the room. 

Contemporary Mirrors- These look amazing in those hard to decorate areas. Chimney breasts, narrow stair landings and recesses are sometimes tricky, but can be enhanced and modernised with a contemporary mirror. These range from traditional contemporary such as the Porada Dodekagono to abstract and minimalist such as the Bontempi Casa Break.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, Lime Modern Living prides itself on a contemporary collection that includes the very best in design and innovation to transform the home into a fresh space infused with creativity.



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