Cosy Winter Armchairs

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Everyone wants their living space to have a cosy inviting feel, especially during the cold winter months. As the nights draw in and the weather takes a turn for the worst, there is nowhere in the house that feels quite as inviting as the living room.

When we think about going home and curling up in front of the TV or with a good book, everyone has their own vision of the perfect cosy setting. Oddly, cosy can be quite subjective, whether its determined by deep enveloping colours or comforting textures, we have picked a selection of armchairs that will suit all styles.

Firstly, make a statement -  this is exactly what the Calligaris Lazy Armchair will allow you do, its soft, welcoming shape and sinuous lines allow it to be the perfect companion in those moments of total relaxation. The tub style of the chair is a twist on a classic design. The bold palette of colours on offer such as purples, yellows and green create a dramatic visual impact that will have everyone noticing this statement piece!

The striking Porada Ara Chair is a luxurious easy chair with a frame in solid Canaletto wood.  The perfect addition for anyone looking to add a distinctive piece to their living space. With its wide seat and plush upholstery overhanging the arm rests this chair evokes feeling of relaxation and rest spilling out of the seat.

The Porada Gilda is definitely a Lime favourite, featuring a deep and welcoming seat for anyone wanting to relax in style. The classic design incorporates a perfectly tilted angle with the  light and delicate frame contrasted with the large soft forms of the cushioning.

The unique Bonaldo Structure Armchair is a strikingly contemporary chair with stunning angles on a slim lacquered metal frame. An ideal combination of a classic armchair frame and a softer interior. The metal core is sometimes evident, and on others partly concealed; thereby giving this strucured piece an absolutely informal appearance.  Again featuring deep cushioning and a slim frame.


                                                                Pictured Above: Lazy Chair

Structure Armchair                                                        Gilda Armchair                                                             Ara Armchair

The beautifully classic Daphne Armchair by Porada, features a gently rounded back allowing this chair to fit seamlessly in to a classic or contemporary space. The wooden frame is available in a wide range of finishes, including a selection of ash wood finishes and open pore lacquers. The curvy design of the Daphne gives it an elegant appeal; perfect for anyone wanting to reflect their modern lifestyle through their living space. The Daphne is a brilliant focal point for any room, with the variety of fabric and leathers on offer it will help to bring timeless Italian design into your home...pictured with the complementing Porada Bigne side table.


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