Cork Comeback

17 April 2017

As we take a conscious shift towards sustainable living, homeowners are progressively keen to encompass such sensations into their surroundings. This approval of earthy inspired material has unexpectedly transposed the substandard association of Cork in celebration of its warm, eco-friendly and unconventional charm.

Renewable and recyclable, the ecological benefits of Cork are perhaps the primary driving force behind its recent popularity throughout the interior world. Derived directly from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree, this particular extraction does not in any way harm the organism as its continues growing to produce a new bark every nine years.


As Pictured Above from Left to Right: Calligaris Kork and Calligaris Krok Centrepiece

The naturally breathable and buoyant essence of Cork enhances its functionality and creative appeal. As homeowners embrace this largely tactile medium, smaller cork boards are being substituted for grander accent walls in both creative and communal spaces whilst the antimicrobial and water-resistant attribute of Cork makes it a favourable flooring choice for Kitchens and Bathrooms.

As seen with Calligaris Kork and Krok Centrepiece Corks earthy wood tone pairs perfectly alongside neutral brown and grey hues. Alternatively, contrasting cork alongside the rich Terracotta or Navy Blue hues of sophisticated living space will generate greater texture.


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