Coloured Glass

23 October 2020

Colourful art-pop inspired decor has really begun to shine over the last few years, with pops of electric blue and dashes of sunshine yellow to either contrast or compliment becoming the norm. With this trend on the rise, we’ve seen a variety of materials volunteer themselves towards becoming part of this bold and daring form of expression, and one of the most exciting and innovative materials to come forward is glass.

Porada Jelly Side Table   Calligaris Puro Console Table
Pictured above:  Jelly Side Table and Puro Console Table by Calligaris .

Take the Jelly Side Table by Porada, its sleek and stylish design features a coloured cast-glass table top that contrasts against the metal base. Or the Jupiter Wall Hook by Porada which takes the Jelly style and adapts it for the wall, making hanging your possessions a colourful and innovative affair. 

If bold designs appeal to you, the Puro Console Table by Calligaris features two contrasting tops on a light metal frame, with crossbar detailing at the base. The tabletops come in a choice of colours in both glass and ceramic, meaning you can customise to your specifications to add that touch of colour to your space. 

Bontempi Casa Funky and Soul suspension lights   Bontempi Casa Swing Suspension Light
Pictured above: Funky, Soul and Swing Suspension Lights by Bontempi Casa

For a brighter way of bringing this trend into your space, why not opt for a suspension light? The Funky Suspension Light or the Soul Suspension Light by Bontempi Casa both feature a curved metal lacquered frame that surrounds a pendant lamp. The lamp and frame come in a range of colours and styles to compliment your space.

In the same collection, the Swing Suspension Light has a similar design with its cage-inspired surrounding metal lacquered frame, but the tapered shape diffuser offers a twist on more traditional design concepts. Also available in a selection of colours and glass styles.


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