Charlotte — Our Most Sought-After Bookcase

13 October 2023

Bookcases have grown in popularity and functionality over the years, no longer used solely as spaces to house pages of literary icons, but now a great way to display our ornaments and accents to shine a spotlight on our own signature. 

One bookcase that we're asked for time and again is the Charlotte by Bontempi Casa, and now the range has been expanded to enable even greater versatility.

Bontempi Casa Charlotte Bookcase   Bontempi Casa Charlotte Bookcase
Pictured: Charlotte Bookcase ceiling and wall mounted styles. 

The Charlotte is an open design with a lacquered metal frame tapering at the top and bottom ends, creating a sleek shape which accentuates the shelving and the contents it houses. Wall mounted or ceiling-to-floor mounted styles are available, making it a popular choice as a room divider. 

Bontempi Casa Charlotte Bookcase   Bontempi Casa Charlotte Bookcase
Pictured: Selected Shelves and Glass Cabinets

The frame and fastenings can come in contrasting or complimenting finishes, and there are a selection of widths available to which one adds shelving components, selected separately. These can include glass or wood shelves, drinks cabinets and metal storage cupboards, allowing for a bespoke finish.

Bontempi Casa Charlotte Bookcase   Bontempi Casa Charlotte Corner Bookcase
Pictured: Charlotte Bookcase and Corner Bookcase

Beyond the original bookcase, Bontempi have newly released a Corner Design which can be configured to fit inner or outer corners depending on your needs, meeting in the centre with curved glass shelves — and a Charlotte TV Unit. The TV Unit employs the original bookcase design to surround a large lacquered wood panel for a mounted TV.

Bontempi Casa Charlotte TV Unit   
Pictured: Charlotte TV Unit

The expansion of this already very flexible design allows for endless possibilities, allowing many a space to embrace its light, contemporary aesthetic. Why not explore the options?


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