Catch Up on a Curved Sofa

23 December 2023

The last few years have taught us that a lot can be said for staying at home and enjoying the company of our loved ones. With that in mind, we’ve seen a rise in people enjoying the art of conversation again, and so designs have followed suit. Sofas have begun to follow this desire and curve around, giving you the ability to feel closer together and better direct conversation. 

Here we’ve selected some of our favourite curved sofa designs that can help you to bring conversation back into your space and make it the primary focus. 

   Porada Yves Sofa
Pictured: Yves by Porada

A contemporary take on a classic mid-century 'Banana' sofa, the Yves Sofa by Porada features a curved arc shape that creates a cocoon effect and allows every sitter to be closer together. The seat base is deep with a low profile backrest and can come with an optional nestling pouf which mirrors the arc shape. 

Sits Nova Sofa   Sits Nova Sofa   
Pictured: Nova by Sits

For something traditional in its foundations with a contemporary twist the Nova Sofa by Sits is an option to explore. Complete with high-rise armrests and cushioned backrests, among the vast variety of sets available it can be selected in this gently angled design where the outer modular sections curve slightly inward. 

Bontempi Casa Denver Sofa   Bontempi Casa Denver Sofa
Pictured: Denver by Bontempi Casa

Taking the angled design feature is the avant-garde inspired Denver Sofa by Bontempi Casa which comes in a variety of playful geometric modular shapes — with movable backrests that you can reposition to suit the occasion.

Porada Etienne Sofa   
Pictured: Etienne by Porada

Last but certainly not least is the Etienne Sofa by Porada. This design is can be articulated into a selection of curving compositions, from a rounded corner, to a half moon, or even an S shape allowing you to curve the design in two different directions. 

The flexibility of these designs is bringing new life to the sofa and bringing us back to the very beginnings of this furniture landmark in our homes, giving us a comfortable space to sit together and enjoy one another's company. Explore some curved sofas and see how they can bring this trend into your own space. 


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