Calligaris rugs

27 December 2019

As it starts to get colder in these winter months, keep your feet warm with the new Calligaris rugs. Straying from the stereotypically plain rugs that fill many homes, these rugs ooze contemporary style with their varying carved textures, patterns and multiple colours. Our favourites here at Lime Modern Living are the Cementino Rug, the Luso Rug (both currently in our showroom) and the Terrazzo Rug.

The Cementino features a gorgeous neutral selection of grey-beiges in varied textures. The bold geometric pattern distinguishes this piece from the others, creates depth and adds style to any space.

Cattelan Italia Convivium Extending Console Table   Calligaris Luso Rug

Pictured above: Cementino and Luso Rugs by Calligaris

The Luso features a stunning beige, petrol blue and mustard yellow colour palette with an asymmetrical raised pattern in two corners. This rug is the epitome of minimalism with a splash of colour to add warmth to a room.

The Terrazzo is arguably the most on trend of the three. Originating in Italy over 500 years ago and traditionally sold as flooring, terrazzo was popular in the 1970s and has recently made a comeback. Its display of speckled colour is visually appealing and versatile, blending effortlessly with modern day homes. The Terrazzo rug featuring a warm brown colour scheme is perfect for an industrial themed space.


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