Broken Plan Living

13 November 2019

Broken-plan living is all about the clever use of a space. Distinct areas are created by using different floor finishes, split-levels and semi-permanent partitions, such as screens, bookcases and TV units. This gives you the spacious feel that open-plan living provides, but also accommodates a feeling of separation, so that you can have your own space away from each other. Broken-plan living gives you the freedom to create as much or as little division between different areas as you like.

The benefits for Broken-plan living are that it offers increased privacy throughout the house. By using shelving, storage, and partitioning options you can still keep the open layout of the room. Different storage options are available to hide the clutter and it makes identifying each room easy with the help of dividers and half walls. 

Bontempi Lexington Bookcase   Porada Demetra Bookcase

As pictured above: Bontempi's Lexington Bookcase and the Demetra Bookcase by Porada

Mezzanines are a great way of creating extra room in homes, they can also act as a visual division between areas that serve different purposes. Glass balustrades can keep the spaces linked and allow light to reach the upper floor. Low partition walls, and other structural elements, such as columns or steps, divide a space without cutting areas off from one another. Even making a doorway wider between a kitchen and dining room, will unify the spaces.

Using a selection of materials is another way to create partitions within your home. It can be a simple change, such as painting walls in different colours, or laying different types of flooring to create boundaries in open areas.

In our forever changing world, flexibility is key and Broken-plan living gives you just that.


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