Black Lines

11 May 2017

Interior trends have seen a contradiction of patterns, textures and colours this year. As signalled throughout Milan 2017, the New Collection from Bontempi Casa manifests a shift towards the darker side, with heavy doses of black in the form of dramatic sensuous lines.

Successfully combining the stylised glamour of black with geometric trends, the stunning Bontempi Lexington Bookshelf showcases the decorative approach this bold hue will take on throughout the home. Almost reminiscent of drawings these fine, yet highly definitive lines become a conceptual centrepiece. Whilst firmly underlining Black as an accent, the option to include pops of colour in the form of hide-leather shelving emphasise its overtly minimalist beauty.


As Pictured above from Left to Right: The Bontempi Casa Millenium XXL Table and Lexington Bookcase- coming soon.

The graphically infused Bontempi Millenium XXL Dining Table demonstrates the expressive quality of black in varying textures. An alluring glossy base finish accentuates this captivating linear design whilst strongly alluding to the collections prevailing Art Deco style glamour. Despite its polarity, the rich walnut table top fosters Black as a sleek and favourable companion for diverse earthy trends. In contrast, prevailing floral prints and pastel hues can promote a softer edge when used alongside black as a decisively sophisticated backdrop.


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