Altered Perspectives

19 February 2022

Mirrors have become a staple in our homes; they expand our spaces and allow light to bounce around our rooms freely. Recently though, we’ve seen a rise in popularity for mirrors with a twist — sleek and stylish designs that offer playful perspectives. Here we’ve curated some of our top designs that will bring this unique trend into your own home. 

Pacini e Cappellini Mirage Mirror   Calligaris Viewpoints Mirror
Pictured above:  Mirage by Pacini Cappellini and Viewpoints by Calligaris

At first, the Mirage Mirror by Pacini Cappellini offers a classic mirror design and shape, but it features a unique ‘floating’ shelf that adds a magical twist — available in a range of finishes, in either a round or square mirror shape. 

If you're keen to create your own wall art design with mirrors, then look no further than the Charme Mirror by Pacini Cappelini — a simple square angled mirror that when positioned in groups, creates a truly unique angular effect — allowing you to bounce light in all directions. 

Bontempi Casa Illusion Mirror   Cattelan Italia Diamond Mirror
Pictured above: Illusion by Bontempi Casa and Diamond by Cattelan Italia

For a bold perspective, the Viewpoints Mirror by Calligaris features a unique two-toned design housing mirrored and bronze mirrored glass sectioned into two planes thus creating a double aspect. You can also explore this multi-aspect concept with the Illusion Mirror by Bontempi Casa that explores playful reflections and refractions in the glass. 

To combine elegance with daring design, the Diamond Mirror by Cattelan Italia has a striking geometric shape resembling a diamond. The entire frame is mirrored and creates a bold jewel shape on the wall which resembles as much a piece of art as it does a functional mirror.


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