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Monday, 4 March 2013

Bontempi Casa Chairs from Lime Modern Living

Formal or Casual?

Whatever your dining space, the Bontempi Casa Chair range can compliment your modern dining table to create a formal or casual dining space.   With over 40 different chair varieties, making the right decision needn't be time consuming.  Deciding whether you want a formal or casual look is always the best place to start.  This is usually dictated by taste and practical aspects such as the use of the space.

Bontempi Casa is a great choice for creating a formal, modern dining space with popular chairs such as the Bontempi Casa Aida chair and the Bontempi Casa  Chair.  All formal chairs are available in Leather, Eco-Leather and Fabric.       


For a contemporary, casual look, why not view the Bontempi Casa Shark Chair, Eva Chair or Scream Chair?  These polypropylene chairs are both comfortable and hardwearing.  Popular in Sand and Mud colours.


Leather, Fabric or Plastic?

Considering day to day use and practicality, polypropylene and Eco-Leather chairs are very easy to live with and need less looking after.  Fabrics always bring a softness to a dining set and the Soft Nappa Leather finishes are also popular for their texture and quality.

Click here to view the Bontempi Casa chair collection or talk to the team in-store about choosing your ideal chair.


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