Healthy Habits Start At Home

2 January 2018

In the UK 43% of adults admit failing to keep their New Years resolutions by the end of January. Research suggests that behavioural changes in the form of daily habits can be more successful and are often easier to implement into our daily lives from the comfort of our home.

Diets are a typical resolution yet their approach is often unrealistic, simply rearranging your kitchen and fridge so that healthy food is visible has proven to improve the consumption of fruit and vegetable threefold. If you are inclined to eat in front of the TV, investing in a dining table has the potential to prevent over-eating, sociable meals with family and friends can promote positive feelings and meaningful connections which replace the urge to overindulge.

calligaris omnia table calligaris dining table

As Picture Above From Left to Right: The Calligaris Annie Chair, Omnia Dining Table and Key Dining Table from Lime.

Cultivating a bedroom and evening routine that promotes healthy sleeping patterns is significant, poor sleep is strongly linked to weight gain and impaired immune function. Dedicate this year to mastering one of the pillars of health by creating your perfect bedroom environment. Achieving the recommended 8 hours sleep a night will optimise productivity and improve your physical health leaving you fully energised to start using that new gym membership.

As more people discover the benefits, meditation is becoming increasingly popular. Scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, a quiet spot at home and ten minutes a day is enough to feel the benefits.

Using a guided app such as Headspace will help introduce you to this technique and track your usage. Proof that meditation improves focus and emotional control suggests it’s the one daily habit that will benefit overall well-being and help you reach your wider goals throughout the year.


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