Cattelan Italia Chair Examples

Friday, 19 April 2013

Cattelan Italia Chairs from Lime Modern Living

Choosing your ideal chair should be based on comfort, aesthetics and practicality.  The Cattelan Italia range consists of elegant chairs with style in mind.

Which Popular Chairs?

The Cattelan Italia Anna Chair, Betty Chair and Liz Chair are three popular models available in a choice of leathers.  Each is individual in its design and comfortable; with the Anna and Betty featuring a curved back detail and the Liz featuring a cantilever base. 

cattelan italia anna chair  cattelan italia betty chair  cattelan italia liz chair

Anna                                                          Betty                                                         Liz

Which Leather Choice?

The Cattelan chair range is available in a choice of Synthetic Eco Pelle, Soft Italian Leather and Crocodile Leather.  The Soft Italian leather is available in 20 colours with a wide variety of neutral, timeless colours such as Panna, Lino and Oyster.

The Synthetic Eco Pelle is available in a large number of colours including bold blues, yellows and greens.   Alternatively, for something a little bolder, the Soft Crocodile leather is available in Silver, White, Black or Brown.

Which Style of Chair?

Most Cattelan Italia Chairs are available in leather with metal or wood legs, for a more classic setting, choose a wooden framed chairs such as the Brigitta or Magda with a a choice of wood finishes.

For a contemporary setting, new chairs such as the Cattelan Italia Isabel, Pamela or Samantha can compliment a wood or glass dining table seamlessly. 

cattelan italia isabel chair  cattelan italia pamela chair  cattelan italia samantha chair 

Isabel                                                        Pamela                                                      Samantha

Click here to view the Cattelan Italia Chair range or visit our furniture store Tunbridge Wells to view the contemporary chair options available to you.


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