Calligaris Jam Chair a Designer Choice

3 October 2012
Purchasing a Calligaris chair means pampering yourself with an attractive piece of furniture in your home. Our Furniture Store Tunbridge Wells stocks the innovative brand of Calligaris because of its quality standards, creative designs and styles. In the world of Calligaris furniture, they take pleasure in developing elegant interior design and consider it an art.

The very best of Italian inspired modern furniture with elements of tradition is found in all Calligaris pieces.

Brilliantly designed Calligaris Jam Chairs at Lime Modern Living

The Calligaris Jam Chair is a popular, striking and award winning chair. The impeccable clean lines, smooth elegant curves and of course the quality of the materials used in creating an artistic piece of Calligaris is what contributes to its popularity. Looking at Calligaris in our Lime Modern Living Furniture Store Tunbridge Wells, you will notice the unmistakable essence of class, function and beauty. The Calligaris Jam chair is designed typically for daily use and is suited for various kinds of home decor.

Stylish, simple, functional and cost effective Calligaris furniture

The Calligaris Jam chair is a product made from the careful selection of materials and quality supervision of manufacturing processes. The Jam chairs sport a dual tone with an unmistakable crescent back detail on a choice of striking metal bases.

These chairs in our Furniture Store Tunbridge Wells have a funky modern look that is great for various rooms within the home as well as creative work studios. If you want a fun, simple, stylish yet affordable range of chair then the Calligaris Jam Chair range is certainly the choice for you.



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