Calligaris, A Brief History

Friday, 22 June 2012

As a brand, Calligaris furniture is designed for everyday use and is perfect for the home of today. With humble beginnings at an artisan workshop to a complete lifestyle solution brand today, Calligaris has come a long way. Over many years the brand has embraced new technology and used it to its advantage in order to offer us some of the very stylish and beautiful furniture. The evolution of the Calligaris brand started from mono materials to modern multi-media culture thus giving us a very distinctive collection.

Stylish Italian furniture Calligaris available at Lime Modern Living.

Calligaris is a brand name synonymous with stylish Italian designed furniture. Founded in 1923, the brand has come a long way. The Calligaris range you see today is a stunning and en-vogue range of furniture that is ever evolving. The brand continues to embrace new technologies and fashionable finishes ensuring the range remains up to date and at the forefront of modern home design.

Calligaris is an enterprising brand of stylish and innovative furniture for modern homes

For nearly 9 decades, Calligaris has a major brand positioning which gives it a very prestigious in the category of lifestyle furniture. From its foundation, Calligaris has managed to offer a wide and diverse range of furniture that is vibrant, warm and reasonably priced. Calligaris furniture shows a creative attention to detail and a visual identity synonymous with popular Italian Home Design.


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