Bookish Style

25 November 2013

Innovative shelf storage from Cattelan Italia

Long gone are the days of dull bookcases; the simple  wooden shelves with ample functionality evoking little personality in the home. Leading contemporary furnishing and accessory store, Lime Modern Living, has a striking collection of storage shelves that combine both style and substance. 

cattelan italia furniture  cattelan italia dna cattelan italia piquant

DNA Bookcase                                           DNA Bookcase                                            Piquant Bookcase                  

The Cattelan Italia DNA Bookcase from  Lime is the epitome of ‘form and function’. The inspiring Helix-shaped bookcase has 13  shelves; providing the practicality of a shelving unit and the design of a decorative piece of art. Similarly, inspired by abstract modern art, the Cattelan Italia Piquant Bookcase is  fresh in its design and build with cool and quirky sliding doors. Featuring useful storage space (including the option to hide any clutter behind closed doors), it is reminiscent of Mondrian-esque design and creates a stunning statement in the home. 

contemporary bookcase cattelan italia swing cattelan italia drop

Drop Bookcase and Winerack                      Swing Bookcase                                        Drop Bookcase and Winerack

Curvy is the new straight! Curved bookcases create interesting and  eye-catching storage shelves. The  Cattelan Italia Drop and Cattelan Italia Swing Bookcase feature  open shelf space encased by curved detail. The Swing features a striking scoop design, whilst the elegant  shape of Drop is emphasized by its highly polished stainless steel form  and features an additional wine rack.

Based in Tunbridge Wells, Lime Modern Living prides itself on a contemporary collection that includes the very best innovative designs to transform the home into a creative, fresh space. Providing outstanding design and ingenuity; the inspiring collection from Lime Modern Living feature furniture ranges from top European brands; such as Calligaris, Bontempi Casa and Cattelan Italia.


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