A Modern Approach To Spring Cleaning

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Before the age of electricity and central heating, a spring clean was performed in the home to rid a build up of soot, oil and dust which had accumulated from candles and fireplaces throughout the winter months.

As we are inherently conditioned to assess our surroundings for hazards, this culturally ingrained, annual purge can deliver a sense of restoration from the visual and emotional disorder which can accumulate from negative and unnecessary modern clutter.

Picture Above: The Lime Living Linear Wall System – Composition 001 

Inspiring a perfectly organised living space, our exclusive Linear Wall Systems feature a collection of functional cupboards and shelving which can hide our everyday clutter. For a truly clean space, spend time tackling clutter as well as the emotional connection to items you may be tempted to hide behind closed doors.

Best selling author and founder of the KonMari philosophy, Marie Kondo encourages Feng Shui principles which master the art of de-cluttering and storing. This Japanese approach suggests taking the time to go through individual possessions and if it doesn’t ‘spark joy,’ discard it.

Find a designated home for every item, this is key to effortlessly resisting future build up and promoting positive associations around the home.


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