Calligaris furniture adds some style to your decor

27 July 2012

At Lime Modern Living, we have always been adamant in sourcing only the very best furniture for your home. We have constantly worked to ensure that the furniture we stock is stylish without being impersonal and practical without comprising on looks. We believe in the right balance of great styling, impeccable comfort and a price tag to match.  Calligaris is a popular and internationally renowned furniture brand. This Italian brand is truly a master of sorts and produces Calligaris furniture that is the perfect balance of design and style.

Calligaris furniture can be better defined as a culmination of good practical design and striking aesthetics.

When Antonio Calligaris produced his very first chair he didn’t fathom where the brand would see itself almost a century later. Just over 90 years later, sheer creativity and the art of furniture-making has brought Calligaris furniture to its heights of success and popularity today. Today Calligaris is an internationally renowned brand for beautiful and stylish furniture. As an industry leader, Calligaris focuses on new technologies and development making the one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the world.

Elegant range of Calligaris furniture at Lime Modern Living

When you take home a piece of Calligaris, you’re choosing exceptional, vibrant, warm and affordable modern furniture.   Lime Modern Living’s range of Calligaris furniture is expertly picked so it will look great in a variety of home environments. If fashionable, practical and creative furniture is what you desire then you must view our Calligaris collection. In our Lime modern Living store we have a wide range of Calligaris furniture so you’ll be spoilt for choice on how to furnish your home.


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