Bontempi Casa Bonnie Sofa

Bontempi Casa Bonnie Sofa
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Bontempi Casa Bonnie SofaBontempi Casa Bonnie SofaBontempi Casa Bonnie SofaBontempi Casa Bonnie SofaBontempi Casa Bonnie SofaBontempi Casa Bonnie Sofa
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Timescale10 weeks + 4 week manufacturer's annual August shutdown.  Click here for delivery information.
Delivery£25 for orders under £1500. For orders over £1500 delivery is £45.
ServiceAssembly and packaging removal included within Mainland UK.
Bouquet TEBQ002
Nordic TENO014
Taylor TETA003
Diamond TEDI001
Soft TESO008
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Dark Brass Metal
Anthracite Metal
Glossy Black Metal
Natural Silver Metal
Gold Metal
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Metal Legs

  • WhiteWhite
  • Sand Sand
  • Light Grey Light Grey
  • Dark Brown Dark Brown
  • Dark Brass Dark Brass
  • Anthracite Anthracite
  • BlackBlack
  • Glossy Black Glossy Black
  • Natural Silver Natural Silver
  • Gold Gold
  • Aged Brass Aged Brass
  • Rose GoldRose Gold

Fabric Category A: Bouquet Velvet

100% Polyester Velour

  • TEBQ002 EcruTEBQ002 Ecru
  • TEBQ015 EucalyptusTEBQ015 Eucalyptus
  • TEBQ019 Dark GreyTEBQ019 Dark Grey
  • TEBQ001 VanillaTEBQ001 Vanilla
  • TEBQ004 ArganTEBQ004 Argan
  • TEBQ003 NutmegTEBQ003 Nutmeg
  • TEBQ005 ChestnutTEBQ005 Chestnut
  • TEBQ006 VetiverTEBQ006 Vetiver
  • TEBQ010 CraspediaTEBQ010 Craspedia
  • TEBQ009 PapayaTEBQ009 Papaya
  • TEBQ012 Poppy RedTEBQ012 Poppy Red
  • TEBQ011 PurpleTEBQ011 Purple
  • TEBQ013 AzaleaTEBQ013 Azalea
  • TEBQ008 PistachioTEBQ008 Pistachio
  • TEBQ007 PineTEBQ007 Pine
  • TEBQ014 TealTEBQ014 Teal
  • TEBQ016 Prussian BlueTEBQ016 Prussian Blue
  • TEBQ018 Light GreyTEBQ018 Light Grey
  • TEBQ020 AnthraciteTEBQ020 Anthracite
  • TEBQ021 Black Mulberry TEBQ021 Black Mulberry
  • TEBQ017 Blue PeacockTEBQ017 Blue Peacock

Fabric Category B: Nordic Nubuck

Contemporary nubuck-feel water resistant fabric. 100% Polyester

  • TENO001 StalactiteTENO001 Stalactite
  • TENO003 ChamoisTENO003 Chamois
  • TENO012 Tovel RedTENO012 Tovel Red
  • TENO002 Fallow DeerTENO002 Fallow Deer
  • TENO005 FjordTENO005 Fjord
  • TENO006 ReindeerTENO006 Reindeer
  • TENO007 Dark ChocolateTENO007 Dark Chocolate
  • TENO011 CurrantTENO011 Currant
  • TENO008 VerdigrisTENO008 Verdigris
  • TENO010 Moss TENO010 Moss
  • TENO014 NimbusTENO014 Nimbus
  • TENO009 Polar BlueTENO009 Polar Blue
  • TENO004 Arctic GreyTENO004 Arctic Grey
  • TENO013 GraniteTENO013 Granite
  • TENO015 CoalTENO015 Coal

Fabric Category B: Taylor

A flat weave linen-mix fabric of varied tones. 70% Polyester 30% Linen

  • TETA007 Grey MelangeTETA007 Grey Melange
  • TETA001 IvoryTETA001 Ivory
  • TETA002 HempTETA002 Hemp
  • TETA003 AlpacaTETA003 Alpaca
  • TETA004 DenimTETA004 Denim
  • TETA005 Dove GreyTETA005 Dove Grey
  • TETA006 Light GreyTETA006 Light Grey
  • TETA008 Brown Melange TETA008 Brown Melange

Fabric Category B: Pacific

A single-colour chenille with a slight sheen. 100% polyester

  • TEPA001 CoconutTEPA001 Coconut
  • TEPA002 SandTEPA002 Sand
  • TEPA003 Dove GreyTEPA003 Dove Grey
  • TEPA008 Blue MauiTEPA008 Blue Maui
  • TEPA009 Adriatic BlueTEPA009 Adriatic Blue
  • TEPA010 PalmaTEPA010 Palma
  • TEPA011 Star FruitTEPA011 Star Fruit
  • TEPA012 SalmonTEPA012 Salmon
  • TEPA013 DauphinTEPA013 Dauphin
  • TEPA014 Manta GreyTEPA014 Manta Grey
  • TEPA015 SharkTEPA015 Shark

Fabric Category C: Diamond

A fine chenille with a sheen. 100% polyester

  • TEDI022 DiamondTEDI022 Diamond
  • TEDI001 White PearlTEDI001 White Pearl
  • TEDI002 White SilkTEDI002 White Silk
  • TEDi005 TitaniumTEDI005 Titanium
  • TEDi006 AlabastroTEDI006 Alabastro
  • TEDI011 Gold BrassTEDI011 Gold Brass
  • TEDI019 Smoky QuartzTEDI019 Smoky Quartz
  • TEDI014 Ruby TEDI014 Ruby
  • TEDI012 BronzeTEDI012 Bronze
  • TEDI007 Pink GemTEDI007 Pink Gem
  • TEDI013 AmberTEDI013 Amber
  • TEDI016 Hematite TEDI016 Hematite
  • TEDI015 Rose QuartzTEDI015 Rose Quartz
  • TEDI008 SapphireTEDI008 Sapphire
  • TEDI018 Green JadeTEDI018 Green Jade
  • TEDI003 Blue OceanaTEDI003 Blue Oceana
  • TEDI009 TopazTEDI009 Topaz
  • TEDI017 Ash GreyTEDI017 Ash Grey
  • TEDI004 AquamarineTEDI004 Aquamarine
  • TEDI020 MineralTEDI020 Mineral
  • TEDI010 Grey SilverTEDI010 Grey Silver
  • TEDI024 ObsidianTEDI024 Obsidian
  • TEDI023 GraphiteTEDI023 Graphite
  • TEDI021 Shadow EarthTEDI021 Shadow Earth

Fabric Category C: Twist

A bold weave of mixed colours. 68% Polyacrylic 16% Polyester 16% Cotton

  • TETW001 White SilkTETW001 White Silk
  • TETW002 White TraniTETW002 White Trani
  • TETW007 Ivory GreyTETW007 Ivory Grey
  • TETW008 Ice GreyTETW008 Ice Grey
  • TETW009 Black SmokeTETW009 Black Smoke
  • TETW006 Water GreyTETW006 Water Grey
  • TETW005 Green BlueTETW005 Green Blue
  • TETW003 Petroleum CopperTETW003 Petroleum Copper
  • TETW004 Blue BlackTETW004 Blue Black

Fabric Category D: Boubble

A neat bouclé on visible warp threads. 100% Polyester

  • TEBB015 SnowTEBB015 Snow
  • TEBB016 FoamTEBB016 Foam
  • TEBB014 MercuryTEBB014 Mercury
  • TEBB013 PiombinoTEBB013 Piombino
  • TEBB012 JuniperTEBB012 Juniper
  • TEBB008 Dark GreenTEBB008 Dark Green
  • TEBB007 Green PepperTEBB007 Green Pepper
  • TEBB006 PebbleTEBB006 Pebble
  • TEBB005 SapphireTEBB005 Sapphire
  • TEBB004 CoconutTEBB004 Coconut
  • TEBB011 GarnetTEBB011 Garnet
  • TEBB010 Red PepperTEBB010 Red Pepper
  • TEBB009 MimosaTEBB009 Mimosa
  • TEBB002 SandTEBB002 Sand
  • TEBB001 CorianderTEBB001 Coriander
  • TEBB003 CuminTEBB003 Cumin

Fabric Category E: Soft

A rich boucle of slightly variegated tones. 45% Cotton 15% Wool 13% Acetate 19% Viscose 8% Nylon

  • TESO001 WaddingTESO001 Wadding
  • TESO002 PoplarTESO002 Poplar
  • TESO003 DonutTESO003 Donut
  • TESO004 CamelTESO004 Camel
  • TESO017 MilletTESO017 Millet
  • TESO005 ElkTESO005 Elk
  • TESO006 GojiTESO006 Goji
  • TESO007 PlumTESO007 Plum
  • TESO008 ForestTESO008 Forest
  • TESO009 FernTESO009 Fern
  • TESO010 MoleTESO010 Mole
  • TESO011 DenimTESO011 Denim
  • TESO012 Blue PeacockTESO012 Blue Peacock
  • TESO013 Light BlueTESO013 Light Blue
  • TESO014 CloudTESO014 Cloud
  • TESO015 Grey BritishTESO015 Grey British
  • TESO016 Ash GreyTESO016 Ash Grey

Leather: Pelle Royal

A lightly buffed natural grain European calf leather.

  • TerracottaTERY021 Terracotta
  • MilkTERY001 Milk
  • BeigeTERY003 Beige
  • IvoryTERY002 Ivory
  • CreteTERY005 Crete
  • BelugaTERY004 Beluga
  • MoleTERY007 Mole
  • MudTERY006 Mud
  • Locust BeansTERY009 Locust Beans
  • WoodTERY008 Wood
  • Black TERY011 Black
  • Dark ChocolateTERY010 Dark Chocolate
  • Fog GreyTERY013 Fog Grey
  • FrostTERY012 Frost
  • SageTERY015 Sage
  • Blue PeacockTERY014 Blue Peacock
  • MossTERY017 Moss
  • SeaweedTERY016 Seaweed
  • HoneyTERY019 Honey
  • PeachTERY018 Peach
  • AcaciaTERY022 Acacia
  • BiscuitTERY020 Biscuit
  • AmaranthTERY024 Amaranth
  • MahoganyTERY023 Mahogany
  • MocaccinoTERY026 Mocaccino
  • MustTERY025 Must

Leather: Pelle Premium

A lightly buffed natural grain European calf leather with a semi-matt finish.

  • Light GreyPR05 Light Grey
  • WhitePR01 White
  • BeigePR03 Beige
  • IvoryPR02 Ivory
  • Light GreenPR06 Light Green
  • SandPR04 Sand
  • GreyPR09 Grey
  • Ice PR08 Ice
  • BlackPR11 Black
  • AnthracitePR10 Anthracite
  • BluePR13 Blue
  • Air Force BluePR12 Air Force Blue
  • HazelnutPR15 Hazelnut
  • MudPR14 Mud
  • Dark BrownPR17 Dark Brown
  • ChocolatePR16 Chocolate
  • Dark GreenPR19 Dark Green
  • Olive GreenPR18 Olive Green
  • Red BrickPR25 Red Brick
  • YellowPR20 Yellow
  • Red PR21 Red
  • Burnt ClayPR26 Burnt Clay
  • AmaranthPR24 Amaranth
  • Oxide RedPR22 Oxide Red
  • Old RosePR07 Old Rose
  • Dark PinkPR23 Dark Pink

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The Bonnie Sofa by Bontempi Casa is a refined design characterised by curved edges and deep seats that create a cocooning effect. Each seat pad is finished with a single tufted dimple and this is complemented by a low backrest, high back cushions and a double-tubular metal detail to the front that can be selected in a variety of colours for contrast.
The sofa comes in both fixed positions or modular compositions in an array of fabric finishes or leather colour from the Bontempi Casa collection, filled with polyurethane foam and goose down. Fabric covers are removable, while leather versions will have removable seat and backrest cushion covers. Barely-seen feet sit discreetly beneath the base.
Goose down-filled scatter cushions are available to order separately. 
Bontempi Casa Furniture: From our Italian Collection. Bontempi Casa is a world-renowned designer Italian brand. Elegant clean lines and timeless pieces are the signature of this high-end contemporary design house.
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