Travel and Transform: Marrakesh

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Evolving travel trends and a conscious attitude towards responsible health has seen wellness tourism become one of the fastest growing sectors of 2018.

Healthy experiences in foreign destinations conjure yoga retreats and detox camps without the trimmings of a conventional holiday. For those seeking an indulgent getaway without the cultural compromise, Marrakesh is a vibrant location that will leave you enlightened and deliver a chaotic exploration for the senses.

Hotel Selman Marrakesh

As pictured above: The Selman Hotel, Marrakesh

RELAX and unwind in a traditional Moroccan bathhouse. Hammans are a weekly cleansing ritual for locals and socially inspired self-care habit that is worth adopting. For an authentic detoxification experience, a black soap scrub and Rhassoul clay wrap at Hotel Selman is a luxurious treat among stunning architecture and Manutti day beds, which are perfect for post-treatment lounging.

REFUEL with exotic dishes and sip on Moroccan mint tea before exploring the magical maze of the Medina. For culinary appreciation, sample ingredients and explore souks dedicated to rich spices that will fortify your immune system and inspire delicious recipes on your return.

RESTYLE with an abundance of bold colours and repeating patterns. Morocco’s symbolic detailing can be savoured through handcrafted jewellery, tea sets and one-of-a-kind rugs that will bring an authentic on-trend artisan touch to your home. 


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