Take A Seat - Our Top 5 Stackable Chairs

Friday, 17 January 2020

Have you ever thrown a dinner party and not had enough chairs to cater for your guests? Cue the mismatched look while you hunt around your home for suitable options. Stackable chairs are practical and space-saving, making them the perfect solutions. So take a seat and get comfy, here are our top five favourite designs.  

Basil Chair by Calligaris   Calligaris Liberty Chair   Calligaris Skin Chair

Pictured above: The Basil, the Liberty and the Skin, all by Calligaris at Lime Modern Living

First of our favourite stackable designs is the Basil by Calligaris. Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, this classic model has been given a contemporary twist and can be selected in a variety of colours for a playful, modern look. If you opt for the polypropylene finish, it can also be used outside, making it multifunctional and space-saving.

The Liberty is another Calligaris design that is stackable and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use due to its polypropylene finish. It can be selected in a subtle, neutral tone or comes in an array of vibrant colours for an eclectic look.

Playful, simple and versatile - the Skin is another stylish option with a modern appeal. Again, it is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use and comes in a durable polypropylene finish that can endure being moved from room to room, making it practical for use when entertaining. 

Tai Chair by Bontempi Casa   Bontempi Casa Malik Chair

Pictured above: The Tai and the Malik, both by Bontempi Casa at Lime Modern Living

If you’re looking for a stylish design for a contemporary dining room, then look no further than Bontempi Casa’s Tai Chair. The understated curved back is complemented with metal legs for a sleek contrast.

Stylish and timeless with a sleek straight back, the Malik chair by Bontempi Casa can be vertically stacked, so it will not take up an extra floor space when stacked away, leaving you with plenty of storage space for other items instead. The chair comes fully upholstered in a range of fabric and leather finishes.


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