Showstopping Ceramics

Tuesday, 14 September 2021

Ceramic is an innovative material that allows us to truly combine practicality and design. This hardwearing material enables fluid shapes and beautiful patterns to be used, yet maintains its structure and resists scratches — adding durability to many designs. We’ve curated some showstopping ceramic tables to give you a bold and stylish dining space. 

Cattelan Italia Butterfly Table   Cattelan Italia Arenal Keramik
Pictured above: Butterfly Table and Arenal Keramik by Cattelan Italia

Take the Butterfly Table by Cattelan Italia with its infinity loop ‘butterfly’ base made of either titanium or bronze lacquered steel — this stunning design will get everyone talking. Or the Skorpio Keramik Table by Cattelan Italia; with a geometric sculptural metal base and ceramic top in a host of finishes, this contemporary design is becoming a classic.

Cattelan Italia Makalu Keramik   Cattelan Italia Skorpio Table
Pictured above: Makalu Keramik and Skorpio Keramik Table by Cattelan Italia

The Millennium Table by Bontempi Casa is a striking design with an angled metal frame base in a choice of colours that intertwines and overlaps to create a truly unique shape, and supports a ceramic top in a variety of extending and non extending styles. 

Bontempi Casa MIllennium Table   Bontempi Casa Glossy Grey White Ceramic Marble top
Pictured above: Millennium Table and Glossy Grey White Ceramic Marble by Bontempi Casa

For an understated look, the Universe Table by Bontempi Casa features a lacquered metal frame made up of supporting ‘H’ shaped sections, complete with decorative details in contrasting metals. Again the base supports a luxurious top available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and finishes.

Bontempi Casa Glossy Noir Desir Ceramic Marble top   Bontempi Casa Universe Table
Pictured above: Glossy Noir Desir Ceramic Marble and Universe Table by Bontempi Casa

So take a daring step into the world of modern design and give your space a ceramic statement, knowing it can withstand the realities of every day dining. 


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