Sunday, 22 December 2019

Perhaps due to the influx of social media influencers sharing their living spaces online, people are starting to consider the decoration of their homes with more detail. Home furnishings; floor coverings such as carpets and rugs; and home textiles such as curtains, cushion covers, beds, and other floor coverings, elevate the aesthetic appeal. This has caused a surge of new decorative interior trends such as marble prints, terrazzo and foliage. Brands here at Lime Modern Living have kept up perfectly with these, with new collections and inspiring prints.

Cattelan Italia's Makalu Ceramic is a stunning alternative to marble, featuring rich gold, black and white tones to create luxurious aesthetic. Featured here on the Skorpio Keramik table, with its complex and elegant base, these two together create the perfect conversation piece for any dining space.

Cattelan Italia Convivium Extending Console Table   Cattelan Italia Atlantis Table with CrystalArt top

Pictured above: Skorpio Keramik Table in Makalu Ceramic and Atlantis Table in CrystalArt, by Cattelan Italia

Their CrystalArt is a beautiful geode-inspired design. The water marbled effect on this glass table top has a natural elegance reminiscent of fine artist Olafur Eliasson's Glacial Currents series. Featured on the Atlantis table, the bevelled CrystalArt glass top is complimented by a striking angular feature-base for added style.

Calligaris Terrazzo Rug   Calligaris Fifties Bench in Leaves print velvet

Pictured above: Terrazzo Rug and Inès Chair by Calligaris

Tuning in to a growing desire for a more nature-based aesthetic, the tropical trend is here to stay. Calligaris' Inès chair with a velvet tropical print, oozes modern style, with a combination of lush foliage and muted pink for playful but easy appeal. Their Terrazzo rug confidently nods to another growing trend, with lighthearted reference to terrazzo's origins as a hard flooring material. Its warm browns and greys will add interest and comfort to any space.


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