Natural Wood Finishes

Thursday, 17 September 2020

Wood has always been a staple in interior design. It's durable, functional, and can naturalise a room with ease, but we’ve become so accustomed to treated and polished woods that a new space is emerging for natural wood finishes.

Calligaris Vela Chair   Bontempi Casa Polo Chair
Pictured above:  Vela Chair by Calligaris and Polo Chair by Bontempi Casa

Take the Vela Chair by Calligaris or the Polo Chair by Bontempi Casa, both featuring beautiful stained solid wood legs. From 'Natural Oak' to 'Walnut', these chairs allow you to fully embrace the beauty of natural wood, whilst retaining an element of contemporary design in the seat and back. Or if you want to opt for a more focal natural wood finish, the Polo Spider Leg Chair has some great wood seat finishes to really highlight the style choice.

Pacini Cappellini Millerighe Coffee Table   Calligaris Palette Coffee Table
Pictured above: Millerighe Coffee Table by Pacini Cappellini and Palette Coffee Table by Calligaris

The Millerighe Coffee Table by Pacini Cappellini showcases natural wood in a stylish way, with a clever curved design featuring carefully placed slats. This table would work well in a more bold and design led space. For something more understated, consider the Palette Coffee Table by Calligaris. This simple retro design looks great in natural wood finishes with its tabletop set into the frame, allowing the finish to become the focal point. 

Whatever your design choices, why not opt for a natural wood finish and showcase this beautiful material in its true form.


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