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Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Inspiration can come from anywhere, but for most of us, it is a visual reference. We turn to a variety of mediums to help give us the ideas and starting points that we need. With this in mind, we wanted to collate a list of our favourite ‘Inspiring Interior Design Books’ to help give you that all important reference point when starting your next project - not to mention they will look beautiful as coffee table display books too.

Pictured above: May I Come In? by Wendy Goodman

A Point of View - Veere Grenney

With 30 years experience, Veere Grenney has a huge body of works from London townhouses to Long Island estates, all showcased beautifully in this 256 page hardback. The chapters are organised by room, and walk you through creating balance and harmony, making a space calm and comfortable. There is even a chapter on the designers that inspired Grenney himself. Publisher Rizzoli New York

May I Come In? - Wendy Goodman

Another with 30 years experience, Wendy Goodman tells a fantastic story of personality, flair, privacy, and character as she visits 75 homes that she believes capture the spirit and passion of their owners. With a story for every room, you begin to build a picture of how your own space can be interpreted by others, and what it tells them about you. Publisher Abrams Books

JENNIFER BOLES. - Inspired Design   JENNIFER BOLES Inspired Design: Spread, Mac II
Pictured above: Inspired Design by Jennifer Boles

Inspired Design - Jennifer Boles

Most books focus on one viewpoint or one story to tell, whereas Inspired Design gives you so much more. Displaying the works of 100 of the most influential interior designers from the past 100 years, this is more of a compendium and historical recollection of interior design. You can discover not just the designers work, but what we can learn from them, and how they shaped the industry forever. Publisher Vendome Press

Dream Decor - Will Taylor

Interior Design is a form of self-expression in search of finding the ultimate convenience and comfort. Will Taylor takes you from the vibrance and coolness of Miami, to urban hipster warehouses, and even to the nautical and traditional feels of the Hamptons and Normandy. This book explores a vast array of modern designs to help us carve our own way in this design led world. Publisher Jacqui Small at Quarto

Farrow & Ball: How To Decorate - Joa Studholme & Charlotte Cosby

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or an expert decorator, this book will take you through all the practical elements required to use paint or paper in any home, no matter the size. The book will teach you a plethora of insider knowledge from how to decide on what colours work best in a north-facing room, to making the most of a feature wall. Publisher Octopus 


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