Functional Home Office Spaces

28 February 2022

With many of us now working from home longer term, a makeshift office setup on a dining room table may simply not cut it anymore. Your working environment is where you spend a large portion of your time and so it needs to give you the space and the right mindset to be productive. Even household admin becomes less of a burden in a neat, designated zone. We’ve carefully selected some innovative designs to help make the most of your home office area.

Cattelan Italia Wolf Desk   Porada Saffo Desk
Pictured above:  Wolf Desk by Cattelan Italia and Saffo Desk by Porada

The desk is the most integral part of any office, so it needs to be exactly the right size and have everything you need to make you feel comfortable. Take the Saffo Desk by Porada — its functional central drawer, shelf, and lifting compartments allow you to tuck away all those distracting cables, giving you a clear space for a clear mind. For a more minimalist design, the stylish Wolf Desk by Cattelan Italia is a brilliant addition to any home office, with a large worktop that puts you at the heart of what you're doing, and simply provides the working space you need to deliver on all your projects. 

Cattelan Italia Bombe X Office Chair   Calligaris Holly Office Chair
Pictured above: Bombe X Office Chair by Cattelan Italia and Holly Office Chair by Calligaris

Your chair is an extension of you when you’re working, and so it needs to fulfil your comfort needs and keep you engaged for your working day. The Bombe X Office Chair by Cattelan Italia is a brilliantly bold curved design on a convenient swivel base allowing for full 360-degree motion. Continuing that freedom to move around, the Holly Office Chair by Calligaris has a wheeled swivel base with a contemporary upholstered seat complete with deep backrest and curved armrests.

Porada Bayus Shelf   Cattelan Italia Nautilus Bookcase
Pictured above:  Bayus Shelf by Porada and Nautilus Bookcase by Cattelan Italia 

To give you all the storage you need for all important stationary, look no further than the Bayus Shelf by Porada which gives you two or four convenient-yet-elegant drawer compartments. For displaying and ease of access to all your folders and files, not to mention a brilliant place to showcase personality with favourite objects, the Nautilus Bookcase by Cattelan Italia has ample storage space with a spacious contemporary aesthetic. The room divider version can really help to signify that this is a separate working area without fully closing off surroundings.

So get organised, commit to giving your home office space the upgrade it deserves and increase your productivity. Your boss, and your dining room table, will be thankful for it. 


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