Foscarini: Wabi Sabi Inspired Design

22 January 2018

Strongly determined by what sellers are creating and shoppers are buying, according to Etsy’s in-house trend expert, Wabi Sabi is the number one home trend poised for 2018.

The term is an ancient Japanese worldview focused on imperfection and impermanence. It’s philosophy in interior decor places emphasis on organic materials, natural shapes and authenticity. This trend can be simply appreciated by incorporating hand-crafted, inherently flawed products into the home.

The Kurage Table Lamp From Foscarini

Created in collaboration with Japanese architect Oki Sato, the Kurage Table Lamp from Foscarini is a striking design that literally translates as Jellyfish, the rhythmic sea creature from where it draws inspiration. Representative of Wabi Sabi, it’s lightweight wood legs feature a shade created with handmade Washi Paper; a traditional Japanese technique that involves harvesting and boiling stems of tree fibres.

The finished product celebrates the beauty of snagging edges, with materials that transcend transparency creating a soft translucent glow inspired by the luminosity of a Jellyfish moving through water.



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