Choosing Colours To Affect Your Mood

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Colour psychology is commonly used in branding and marketing yet it’s also a powerful interior design tool that arguably has more of an impact on the mood of a room than any other factor. Different shades create various emotions so, when debating on which hues to choose for your home it’s key to think about the kind of atmosphere you want to emit and how you can do this effectively.

For example, blue is seen to have a calming and focusing effect in a room, however certain tones can also feel cold so ensure balance with warm hues. A blue with a touch of green or violet can add a subtle warmth.

Colour wheel Living room with yellow accents 

Pictured above: Colour Wheel and Image of a Yellow Accented Living Area

White is seen to be tranquilising, and with its capacity to reflect light it can add a sense of space, so for those with smaller rooms, white walls can be perfect. Or try a pastel grey for a softer look while still catching light, effortlessly stylish when accented with other colours such as soft oranges, pinks or green.

Green can calm, reduce anxiety and suggest reassurance - easily introduced to a space with houseplants, or great in a snug or lounge space with deep forest green walls. Red emits passion, energy and excitement. These emotions can be quite tiring when in use all day, so consider red in moderation, as pops of colour or for a social area that less time is spent in.

Whatever you choose, for best impact, consider ways to apply colour to maximise your space. Darker colours on a ceiling - even just a shade or two darker than the walls - can been used to draw a room closer, while lighter colours give a sense of upward movement and height. A bold statement colour on the ceiling is an up-to-the-minute alternative to a feature wall. And the trend for painting ceilings, walls and woodwork to match looks like it is here to stay, as a failsafe way to give a sense of completion while tricking the eye to perceive seamless, limitless space. 


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