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Benches and Stools

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Indoor & Outdoor
Cane-line Indoor Area Stool

Cane-line Indoor Area Stool£195.00

Porada Bouchon Stool

Porada Bouchon Stool£996.00

Indoor & Outdoor
Cane-line Indoor Copenhagen Bench

Cane-line Indoor Copenhagen Bench£735.00

Porada Belt Bench

Porada Belt Bench£2,188.00

Porada Scarlett Bench

Porada Scarlett Bench£1,844.00

Porada Webby Bench

Porada Webby Bench£1,301.00

Calligaris Fifties Bench

Calligaris Fifties Bench£408.00   £347.00

Calligaris Fifties Low Stool

Calligaris Fifties Low Stool£198.50   £169.00

Porada Astol Bench

Porada Astol Bench£1,865.00

Porada Torii Stool

Porada Torii Stool£1,749.00

Porada Webby Day Bed

Porada Webby Day Bed£2,750.00


Page 1 of 1:    11 Items